Giving Tuesday

He is the fastest rapper in Hamilton
No biggie, just Historie Dames’ Kat and her great grandmas house

The Lafayette Trail


The purpose of the endeavor is to document, map, and mark Lafayette’s footsteps in the United States during his 1824-1825 Farewell Tour.

Why donate:

Every donation is tax deductible and goes towards the project which is preserving and recognizing the contributions of General Lafayette and the his assistance in our victory in the Revolutionary War. He provided a pivotal role by unifying France as an Allie against Britain and provided much needed aid to the American cause. Your contribution will help with the mapping and placing of historical markers for future generations of the importance in American and French History.


Or text

“Lafayette” to 44-321

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The Rebecca Nurse Homestead


The Nurse Homestead was originally part of a 300- acre grant given to Townsend Bishop in 1636. Francis Nurse rented the property in 1678, and purchased in 1698. 71-year-old Rebecca Nurse, wife of Francis

, was a victim of the Salem Witch Trials. On March 23, the village constables arrested Rebecca. She was found guilty of witchcraft and hanged on July 19. After the execution, Rebecca’s children secretly removed their mother’s body to the homestead and buried it in an unmarked grave.

In 1775, Rebecca’s great-grandson Francis occupied the house. He was a sergeant in Captain John Putnam’s Militia Company, which was to be ready to march with- in a few minutes notice in case of trouble. On April 19, 1775, Nurse received the news that British troops were marching on Concord, and headed off with the rest of the Danvers men.


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